How are you managing full time care for school age kids?

Hi everyone- I hope this is the correct forum, the childcare forum seemed to be focused on preschools. I'm approaching completion of my clearance to be a foster parent. I had arranged my home for 2 school age siblings between the ages of 5-13 yrs. Now that schools will be distance learning, and because I'm single and an essential worker, I'm scrambling to figure out if I can still foster or if I will have to wait indefinitely until the schools re-open. What are people that work doing for childcare for these ages? and what does this cost monthly? 

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Many preschools are allowing 5 year olds to enroll for kindergarten--I've talked to at least three in Berkeley that are willing to support the district's distance learning. I suspect that at-home daycares (with a wider age range) are doing the same. You can contact BANANAS for referrals to places with openings. I wonder if any of your colleagues with kids might know about childcare options for essential workers, too.

Hi, inspired to hear about your fostering plans! I don't have great news, in that there is no support for working parents, it's quite shocking really. People are scrambling to find pods to share childcare/social groups, in a coop fashion or through hiring someone. I'm a kindergarten parent who works and am scrambling to figure this out. It will take some time or a super organized parent. It seems for pods, parents pay in $8- $20 /hour depending on the model.....right now, I have nothing and paying a babysitter for my 5 year old, as I struggle to form a pod. Would be happy to chat more if it helps you. It's all just a bit crazy as everyone tries to sort solutions to fit their different needs while also staying safe. I'm not sure of childcare options for 13 yr olds, but I know there are some camps that are turning into school day type East Bay dance center. 

I hear you! I'm an essential worker too and it is very hard. I've enrolled my child to a preschool that has K-1 pods.

They are supporting DL and manage homework. They do many different activities and my child is happy with that. I've heard they a few spots for part time but also full time supporting attendance to school. I will try that in October.