Housing for a student in junior college

Does anyone have recommendations for where a junior college student can look for shared housing with other college students?  He's been looking on Craigslist but most are for working adults.  Thanks

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Try FaceBook. That seems to be more college students. Or maybe team up with a friend and look together. 

I’d suggest bulletin boards at his college. That is typically where students looking for roommates put up flyers.

All depends on the junior/community college.  Some have dorms.  Is the student playing sports?  If so, the coaches might know of housing and can provide funds.  You will need to provide additional information.

My son, a community college student, stayed in a student rooming house near UC Berkeley campus for several months.   Owners we contacted through Craigslist were usually looking for UC students, but would often accept a young person who was a student somewhere else.

I don't know where you are located, but if you are interested in contact information for the rooming house where my son stayed, you can message me.