house lift/ground floor ADU property taxes, architect, contractor

Hello, ISO great architects and contractors for a house lift and ground floor ADU in South Berkeley. The house is split level so it's a complicated lift and I'd love to work with people who are seasoned in lifting. Folks willing to work with a cost-conscious homeowner appreciated.

Also, does anyone have a sense of how an ADU attached to an existing single family home will affect property taxes?

Thanks very much!

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Speaking from experience, your property taxes will go up. The County will ask for a cost form from the contractor, which they use to help calculate the increase in value on your home. Perhaps the County Assessor can give you an estimate if you let them know the expected cost? But I’m not sure about that. I was surprised at how much ours went up. But the decision to build the ADU wouldn’t have changed for us knowing that in advance. Good luck!

Highly recommend Levitch Associates (510) 845 6941. They are a family business (3rd generation starting a Master's in Architecture at UC Berkeley this fall following in his father and grandfather's footsteps) that do beautfiful work. Very high level of customer service, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship along with very budget conscious. I don't even call anyone else for remodel work any more!