House humidity & mold issues - who to call?

We purchased our house last year and have been battling a constant humidity issue all year long. We bought a dehumidifier that should be able to cover a house 2x our size. However, we constantly have condensation on the windows and have noticed mold growing on the walls in closets. We want to figure out how to address the root of the problem but don't know who/what type of company to seek out. It's worth noting the house doesn't have central heating, was built in the 50's, and the insulation seems non-existent. Any recommendations on where to start?

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So sorry this is happening to you. Mold is a terrible and underrecognized health hazard. Bill Weber is who we've used for a similar issue. He's at Avelar Reconstruction Services in Walnut Creek. He will find the root cause and help you address it. His phone number is (510) 557-5992 and email is bweber [at]

Synergy in Hayward specializes in this.

Did you have a home inspection? Perhaps look through it to see if the inspector noted anything significant. If one wasn't done, perhaps a thorough inspection now could shed some light on the issues. There may be more than one thing going on if you have condensation, mold, etc. in different parts of the house. If you have a crawl space, consider having it encapsulated. We had a moisture barrier and additional drainage installed by E Mora Construction (highly recommended) which resulted in a noticeable drop in the humidity, dampness, and musty smells in our home. 

That really sucks, I'm sorry.  You need to get this dealt with as soon as possible.  Mold is a very serious health issue.  I have been sick for years and finally last year learned that mold was the cause.  I am now on the long, slow path back to health, but it won't be easy.  Since this is my life right now, I have a few recommendations.  There is an organization called "The International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness." and you can search for professionals to come to your home.  You can also google "mold remediation [your city]" to get options as well.  I think there is a wide range of quality on mold remediators, so vet carefully.  You can also mold test yourself so you have some data to go to the companies and even your home owner's insurance company.  Two companies: (mold petrie dishes, open for 1 hour, incubate for 5-7 days) and for a "swiffer" type cloth that you dust the home and it can analyze the historical mold in the home.  Even the CDC has info on mold in the home:  If you want to reach out to me directly, feel free.  This is a huge thing, for your home, for your health, and you need to move quickly.  

Do you have a crawlspace? I would check how damp it is down there. I once lived in a rental where moisture was coming from the crawlspace. All my shoes in the closet were ruined by mold. The two most common ways to fix crawlspace moisture are by adding a vapor barrier and adding adequate crawlspace ventilation. Inadequate ventilation may (or should?) have been noted on your home inspection report when you purchased the house. 

Is it mold or is it mildew?  They are pretty different even though they both can spring up from moist conditions.  You can do a google search to see and read about the difference.


I am so sorry to hear this is happening to you! We have dealt with mold and mildew in many places we have lived, and other than being a health hazard, it's a real pain!  We just recently worked with Cheryl Pearce at Mold Busters, she is a mold inspector. She was kind and knowledgeable, affordable and gave us the info we needed to start rectifying the mold issue in our place. She is a good place to start as she can tell you what kind of mold you have growing. In our case, it was mold that is consistent with a water leak, so that helped narrow down the issue. Then, she can give remediation recommendations, and she sometimes has companies that she recommends based on the issue at hand. She can also give you ideas about what other than remediation (to get rid of the mold) can help prevent it in the future and how to DIY if any does pop up. I highly recommend she will make you feel supported and in good hands as you navigate the complications of mold. 

Wishing you all the best as you navigate this!