Hotels with kitchenettes a plus, in Paris

Hadn't booked my accommodations for France, so looking for recent recs for family of three (one teen). For late June and early July. I found one gorgeous place for second part of trip (rec from BPN!), but need place for first leg of trip. Also, any thoughts on Normandy are a plus (want to do a side trip).  Chains are fine if property is not too ugly/modern. I was told by family and friends to look at the 14th, 4th, 9th districts.  I am not a French-speaker, so I am more comfortable with a hotel with staff, rather than an apartment. Mid-priced, not bargain/no frills... I am too old to rough it at this point LOL. (Yes, I know I should have booked earlier, but had family emergency)  MERCI.

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We stayed in a Kid & Coe apartment near Canal St. Martin (10th Arr.) on one of our last trips and we loved it. We are not fluent in French and we were fine. Many Parisians speak English so it was rarely an issue. 
Kid & Coe was much better than AirBnb experiences bc they are actually vetted and monitored. They are more family friendly and they also have hotel options. Good luck!


I just returned from 4 days in Paris with my daughter (11) and loved where we stayed: Hotel Résidence Henri IV. Convenient to markets, laundromat, metro. There is a reception desk staffed 24-7. They helped us with recommendations. Optional breakfast in the am. We had a superior room with kitchenette. It had 2 rooms, one with a fold out bed. It was too cold to hang out on the balcony but loved having it. It was low on the frills which was perfect. I would stay there again! Not cheap but I think a good deal for what you get. Have a great trip! 

I wouldn't be scared off by doing an AirBnB/VRBO/etc. In many cases you don't even need to interact with the owner, or they will speak English. I wouldn't recommend the 14th as a place to stay---it's a great neighborhood, but you'll spend more time in transit to get places than you would if you were to stay in other locations. We always stay in the 5th, so I'm very Left Bank-centric, so I'd recommend the 6th, 7th, or 5th, but any arrondissement that abuts the river in the center would be great (i.e., 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) as would the 3rd. A knowledge of French is not really needed in Paris! As long as you make sure to say bonjour and merci, people should treat you kindly.