Hotels in CA with a kids’ club / childcare?

Does anyone know of any hotels in California (could be in the Bay Area or southern CA) that have a kids’ club or childcare? We’re looking to take a vacation somewhere where the grownups can get a little bit of a break to enjoy some swimming or quiet time, even if it’s just for a few hours a day. 

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Omni la costa has childcare for 6 months and up all day and some evenings. The pool area is amazing for kids. Its not cheap but may be what you are looking for

Consider Family Vacation Center at UCSB. It's not luxury accommodations; it's university dormitory suites. But the kids' and family activities are top class. You can't beat the location. You can use my username if you decide to sign up.

Hyatt Huntington Beach 

Montage Laguna Beach and they have one in Healdsburg