Hot lunch at OUSD


Does anyone know how to actually order food for OUSD specifically Chabot Elementary. I have already put money in the "mybucks" account and I looked on the OUSD for the Childcare Development Menu as of tonight, that is what it reads. Do kids just go to hotlunch cafeteria and get their own lunch and get charged by the cafeteria staff. Our old school would allow parents to pre-order their lunch but it was a private school, and lunch was $8.00 a day but had so many amazing options. Upon looking at OUSD, it seems there is only 1 option or did I read the menu wrong. Again, I have looked everywhere on the OUSD Nutrition page and only found 1 menu to look at and it only read 1 option per day. Please help me. Thank you

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Yes, there is one option daily. There is a main dish, milk, and usually two choices of veg/fruit. Sometimes two choices on main. Kids make the choice when they’re picking up their lunch in the cafeteria. Sometimes they get to choose between chocolate milk & regular milk.