Horseback riding lessons for an 8 and a 12 year old

I would like to find a patient horseback riding instructor for my two kids. My 8-year-old is a beginner and my 12-year-old has a couple of years of experience, but I'd prefer to get them joint (semi-private) lessons. Hoping for someone patient and good with kids, either in the Oakland or Berkeley Hills or Orinda.

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If they're interested in learning English style riding and potentially  jumping, you might want to try Kenilworth Stables in the Oakland Hills. I know they have lesson horses and other riders near your daughter's ages. There are many great trainers in the Bay Area, but ones with kid safe horses available for lessons are going to be harder to find.

As a side note, you'll likely be required to do private lessons with your younger daughter at least until she has the basics down and this should be true for any reputable barn you decide to go to. Good luck!

North Peak in Walnut Creek. It's a drive from the Berkeley/Oakland area, but so worth it! Deb Henry runs a great program with several teachers, the kids are friendly and the facilities are top notch!