Horseback riding camp - 7 year old

Any recommendations for horseback riding for a 7 year old?  I thought I saw a couple of week long summer camps but can't find any recent feedback.  We are located Berkeley/Oakland area.  

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They offer camps at a few places in the area.

Horse Riding Lessons & Day Camps

My 7 year old loves loves loves Nola Giddings.  Her operation is called Nola Giddings Peruvian Pasos Horses.  She is in El Sobrante right off 80, a surprisingly often short drive from our Berkeley home.  She has an unstructured approach that may work better for some kids/parents than others.  It is a modest facility.  Kids ride most days unless its raining and also care for the horses.  You would be amazed how much kids enjoy shoveling manure!   To my girls, 7 and 11 years old, the whole Nola experience is absolute heaven!  They would live there if I let them.  Contacting her is also a bit hit or miss so please be patient.  Call or Text to 510-703-7765