Converted Horse Trailer in Back Yard in Berkeley?


I'm new to BPN and have a question to ask about parking a converted horse trailer in my back yard.

I live in Berkeley and am a mum to three kids, and have a cousin's trailer I would love to use in the backyard for a work studio.

There is no plumbing or electricity (although I could hook it up to our house via an extension cord) and the trailer is 6 ft wide, 19 ft long and 10 ft high.

Does anyone know about what rules and permits there are for Berkeley on this matter? 

I've looked on the city website and can't seem to make much sense out of it, am wondering if anyone has experience with this sort of thing that they can share?

Thanks for your time

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A quick google search shows: 

Any structure greater than 120 square feet requires a building permit. Accessory structures, including storage sheds, workshops, gazebos, cabanas, garages, carports, wheelchair ramps and similar structures, may be exempted from building permit requirements if the structure does not exceed a floor area of 120 square feet and is not more than one story.

Even though a building permit may not be required, all structures must meet zoning requirements for use, placement on the parcel, height and size, and building code requirements.  If the structure meets all zoning requirements no zoning permit is required. If a zoning permit is required, talk to a planner at the Permit Service Center or call 981-7410.