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My daughter would like to go horse back riding for her 9th birthday with me, her dad, and 5-year old sister. We are looking for a mellow walk through pretty forest or beach or something similar (don't want to just go around the stable grounds). We have done this a fair amount while visiting family in Mexico (with little sis sharing my horse), but never locally, where it seems that safety protocols are stricter. Can anyone recommend a place in the bay area that might be willing to arrange a guided ride for us?

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Hi there - a friend recommended this place to me, but we haven’t tried it yet:  Have fun!

Check out Sea Horse Ranch in Half Moon Bay. We bought a Groupon for a "trail and beach" horseback ride for our family of 4 a couple years ago and it was fun (and the Groupon is still active!). I don't know if they do private rides but would assume so. It was beautiful and reasonably priced and the kids enjoyed it.

Check out Five Brooks Ranch in Olema (out Sir Francis Drake to Hwy 1, near Pt Reyes). It's lovely, and I think just what you're looking for. We've done family trail rides there and the horses are well cared for. There are a few different rides you can do, depending on your skill level and how adventurous you're feeling. Plus you can't beat the location/scenery!

I've always this place looked like fun although I've never used them:

We love love love Nola Giddings dba Nola Giddings Peruvian Pasos Horses.  She is located in El Sobrante.  She can travel to local sites for trail rides.  I did a ride with her in Point Pinole that was nice.  She is great with kids.  She believes in getting kids on horses early.  I'd say the only caveat is that Nola, like most other horse people is really tough to get a hold of an make a plan.  But once you do, you are in.  So call, be patient, if you don't hear from her, try again... She is a great lady and her horses are lovely as well.  Nola Giddings Peruvian Pasos can be reached at 510-703-7765.  She replies to text messages.

I have two recommendations, both were excellent.  In Saratoga, Garrod Farms, easy ride through the surrounding hills with a beautiful panoramic view. Easy to plan because they do riding on a regular schedule each day and you can do as a drop-in:  They also do groups/parties. In Monterey, Monterey Bay Equestrian Center... beautiful ride on the beach (Moss Landing).  By appointment (unlike Garrod).

Five Brooks in Olema/Point Reyes. A wonderful experience in a beautiful setting; you can design a private ride to your liking.