Hoping to talk to parents of current preschoolers at Chatham

Hello, my wife and I are planning to send our three-year-old son to Chatham (the Redwood Road campus) starting in August, and I hoped to connect with any current or recent parents of Chatham preschoolers. What do you think of the teachers there? What was the transition to Chatham like for your child? Any tips for a new parent there?

We have heard wonderful things about Chatham from neighbors we love and trust, but we are hoping to talk to parents who are currently there to get a better sense for the people who'll be caring for our son, and hopefully to put our minds at ease about the transition ahead. Thank you!

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My 18-month old son has been at Chatham since January and he loves it! My daughters were also at Chatham and the teachers are still there - they fondly remember my girls (age 7 & 8). I love that I don’t have to pack snacks or a lunch! I love Maureen, Michael and the rest of the staff!!

More than happy to chat!