Homeschooling in Castro Valley

Hi all, planning to homeschool my boys. Oldest will be 5 next year I just haven’t decided if registering as private is best or joining a co-op or any other groups... wanted to get some advice or pointers from other homeschooling parents here. We live in Castro Valley. Thank you! 

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There are several charter schools that offer homeschool / independent study programs, and you might want to consider one of these. We are enrolled at Valley View Charter Prep. This allows us to meet with an educational specialist once a month for advice, go on organized field trips, and get official transcripts. They also provide intervention services if your child needs extra help with anything. We get $2500 credit per student per year to spend on educational expenses like classes, athletics, tutoring or supplies, which is nice! We also know homeschoolers who are enrolled at Hickman and Connecting Waters. Good luck! 

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Legally, kids don't enter school in CA until the Sept after they turn 6; Kindy is not mandatory in CA.  So you have nothing you NEED to do next Fall.  That said, if you join with a homeschooling charter, you will have access to classes and funding to educate your child.  We rec'd $2400/school year/kid.  At the lower ages, this paid for art and science classes.  You can use it for horse lessons and dance. You can buy books and art supplies for home.  Charter school means educational funds for your child, state testing, and monthly meetings. If you want to go the PSA route, there is no gov't oversight, no testing and no need to do anything until Sept after your child is 6.