Homeschool Charter Schools

Our daughter is turning 6 this month. I have been contemplating enrolling her in one of the charter schools geared toward homeschoolers. We live in Contra Costa County.  There are many schools and models to choose from, and I would love to whittle down the list ahead of a deeper dive into the specifics of each school's offerings. I am looking for a program that is not religiously affiliated and that allows families latitude in determining curricular content, assessment, and structure. I am currently exploring Valley View, Vista Oaks, Connecting Waters, and Visions in Education. I am open to learning about others as well, but am especially interested in hearing about people's experience with these schools. Thank you for the feedback.

Parent Replies

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We are the proud parents of a "homeschooled" son who is enrolled with Connecting Waters Charter. For two years we searched for the best option after leaving the public school system.  We enrolled in a couple of private schools each promising so much only to discover numerous problems down the road.  After extensive research we decided Connecting Waters was the best fit for us.  Contrary to what many might believe, "homeschooled" kids have many options and choices on how to meet the requirements for graduating from Elementary, Middle and High School.  We work with an "Educational Specialist" and receive funds each year to spend on approved vendors for classes.  The counseling staff at CW was very helpful when we first enrolled.  We struggled at first thinking this would not be a legitimate way into college.  However, it has been the best situation despite many outside concerns that our son get the "socialization" skills through the traditional route in the public school system. Really? I think some of the greatest kids I've met have had non-traditional educations.   We supplement with many outside activities that include sports, music, art etc. where he is exposed to kids his own age.  

It would have been easy to just stay in the public school system where the emphasis seems to be to teach to the test so the school receives accolades for exemplary work. The fact that you are thinking about this at age 6 is fabulous.

Best of luck in your search!