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We are hoping to have a very thorough and detailed home inspection completed on a house we are looking to purchase in Oakland. There has been some deferred maintenance on the property of interest which is why we are looking to have all the facts before we move forward. The last post I found about this was from several years ago so posting once more. 

Would love to know if you have any recommendations for home/pest inspectors and/or inspectors to avoid.

Thank you in advance!

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Hello. I believe its a good idea to get a home inspection on a prospective purchase, but I wondering why the sellers don't have an inspection report on record?

We were told we needed to do this as sellers. On the recommendation of our relator, as we are selling (sold  -- in escrow) our 100-year old Berkeley house, we used John Crampton Home Inspector.  Email: john [at] your-home-inspector.com. He was very even and fair. For our 1420 SF home, we paid $485. Crampton Inspection Service
PO Box 6043
Moraga, CA  94570

Phone: 925-376-7707  Web: http://your-home-inspector.com/

He took about 3 hours and the report included photos.

For the Termite report, again as recommended, we used GT Inspects.  GT Inspects, Inc.
Oakland, CA
(510) 530-0687  The Termite inspection took about 2 hours, including basement and crawl space and cost us $425. It take a few days to get the report.  Good luck!