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Most of the BPN postings are pretty old so I'm hoping for some current suggestions.  My head is spinning, trying to investigate which insurance company to use, not just to get a good rate but to also find a company who won't screw me if I have a serious claim.  I'm hoping to find a knowledgeable insurance agent located in or near Oakland, primarily for homeowners insurance.  At the moment I have an agent who never calls me back.  The office staff are the only folks who I can reach.  They are nice people and are happy to take payment but can't really answer any detailed questions.  So I'm also hoping to avoid a similar situation.   Thanks!

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We've used Christine De Asis at Farmers for the last several years, and I'd highly recommend her. We were referred to her by our realtor when we bought our first home in the Berkeley/Oakland area. She offered *much* better rates for home insurance than Mercury, who we originally had our car and renters insurance through, and we've switched over all of our insurance needs to her over the years (car, umbrella policy, extra riders for valuables, etc.). She isn't located in Oakland, but she cheerfully drives out to us whenever is convenient for us (which is usually after work and on the weekends) if we want to discuss something in person. She is incredibly friendly and very responsive.

Her contact info is:

Phone: 707-863-9100

Email: cdeasis [at] farmersagent.com

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We like Ruth Stroup at Farmers (http://stroupins.com/). I don't know how their pricing compare to others (it was decent 10 years ago, which is why we switched to them), but she's pretty easy to reach and knowledgeable. She has an office on Grand and, as a bonus, is really involved in the community as well.

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Hi. I’ve lived in East Bay for long time, owned 3 houses over time and had as many insurance companies. I moved to Berkeley 6 years ago. On the advice of my daughter, I ditched the agent and went straight to Amica insurance for home and vehicles. Couldn’t be happier with the rates and service. Plus it’s a mutual — owned by policyholders—so profit benefits insured. All my rates went down. Husband’s car was totaled in freeway (by hit and run driver) and I backed into someone in Berkeley Bowl lot damaging a fender—in same year. Company paid promptly. No rise in rates. Great company. No agent needed. 

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Hey there -- 

We are with Francis Lan at Allstate. His office is in the Chinatown area. 

We've (thankfully) never had to file a claim, so I can't speak to Allstate in that regard. But I can say that Francis is super responsive and very available. He often works on Saturdays, which is when we most often reach out to him -- but even when we have to send an email or leave a voice message, he gets back to us ASAP with very helpful information. His email is: francislan [at] allstate.com

Best of luck! 

- Vanessa 

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We use Scott Halbrook, a Farmers agent in Oakland, for homeowners, life insurance, and auto. We haven't had any serious claims (knock on wood), but have been really pleased with how responsive he and his staff are. https://agents.farmers.com/ca/oakland/scott-halbrook

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Hey, I've always had great experience with greg [at] onstads.com. Super helpful - especially to an insurance new comer like me. Good Luck.

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My wife and I have used the services of ISU Insurance Brokers for many years for all our insurance needs. Our contact there is: Celilia West and she is terrific. Her number is: 415-623-5172. The company represents many different insurance companies so she can select the best one for your needs with a combination of coverage and cost. Please use my name if you wish for an introduction. Best, Roger Vincent