homebirth-friendly OB or midwife at Kaiser

I'm planning a home birth with a private practice midwife, but want to use my insurance for prenatal care with Kaiser, as it will be cheaper to have ultrasounds, tests etc that way. Kaiser would also be the back up plan for emergency transfer. Can anyone recommend an OB or midwife at Kaiser Oakland who will respect my choice to try for a home birth and cheerfully offer me prenatal care?

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I had a home birth with my first one 2.5 years ago. I went to kaiser and did all my test, ultrasounds etc there. Initially I had an RN as my primary OB at the Oakland Kaiser but switched her quickly when she started forcing interventions and not understanding my choice for a home birth. 

I honestly didn't have a specific OB and just saw different ones each time. Every single one I saw was very understanding about my person choice for a home birth and made me feel very confortable with that choice. I am expecting again but unfortunately can't afford my midwife so we will have a hospital birth at Kaiser. I was seeing Doctor Juan Jose Guerra but he just moved to Kaiser in Pinole so I'm back again without a doctor. 

Just know that you can switch doctors at anytime, and if they are not a good fit ask for another one. 

Hope this helps and good luck! having a home birth was the best experience ever!