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My family and I recently moved from a condo, where we had a front desk and security, to a rental home out in the Oakland hills.  We are looking into home security options, but are a little overwhelmed by the number of options. ADT seems to be the most common system, and the home is actually already wired for it, but it would also be the most expensive as we'd have to update the wiring/system (current system is quite old) and the monthly fees are higher than we'd like, especially as we are planning on moving in 2-3 years and would hate to not be able to bring along the equipment we paid to install.  The most cost effective option would be Xfinity Home since we already have Comcast and this could just be added to our services as a new "bundle".....great in terms of cost and as the system is "mobile" and we could move it with us in a few years, but I wonder if you also get what you pay for, and we'd really not be any safer.

Any other suggestions? Thoughts on either ADT or Xfinity Home? Advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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We use Simplisafe and the setup was easy and there's no contract.  It's all DIY (not hard) and the basestation has its own cell service so you don't need a landline.  You can select the type of monitoring you want. 

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We use Arlo, which is a service provided by Netgear and is free with wifi.  I think it's better than ADT and XFinity.  Highly recommend.

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I don't know how much a security system really works.

We switched to the Xfinity bundle one. I install sensors in doors and some windows. Also motion sensor in a main hall. 

We also got  a security camera that it never really worked, maybe because it was too far from the internet connection.

Am I happy? I don't know... the other day, it seems there was a malfunction .... Xfinity called all our numbers. I knew everything was ok but because I had forgotten the specific code, they had to inform the police...2 things; first of all, the alarm does not sound loud enough to be heard by neighbors; second it took 5 hours for the Police to show up...If my camera would have been working and recorded and intruder, the police department is too busy to look at  all your recordings...By the way, if you go the route of cameras, make sure it is far enough from people to be able to remove it and that actually records faces or a car, etc.

I guess that having an alarm system will discourage the intruders, I can just hope...

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Home alarm systems are over-rated.  Pick whatever is cheapest and easiest -- there is no reason to spend a lot on an alarm company.

Our home was burglarized while we were out.  The alarm went off and the alarm company called us immediately.  They called OPD and we called OPD, and OPD never bothered to show up.  An alarm is only as good as the police response, which is pretty bad in the Oakland Hills.

There are good security measures to take, though.  Keep your house and vehicles locked at all times.  If you have a fence or gate, keep it locked all the time.  Don't leave any valuables out.  Get a wireless camera system to see your front porch and driveway.  

Some neighborhoods have local security patrol that you can sign up for, and this might be more useful than a security system.  They usually have very good response times, and have a good understanding of the neighborhood.