Home Neurofeedback games for ADHD - do they work?

We are getting rather desperate with our son, his impulsivity, quick temper, forgetfulness, inattention - the usual stuff.  I just came across an article on some computer programs which are similar to home neurofeedback - "Play Attention" and "Wild Divine" are two that come up. 

Has any one tried these and are they useful?  Also if you bought, how did you buy them and what exactly did you buy?  Both seem to have confusing packages and I am not sure.  Play Attention website http://www.playattention.com/what-is-it/ doesn't even list the price anywhere that I can see, which makes it seem like an expensive scam so I am hesitant to call and get caught up in a heavy sales pitch.

Or is there a different program worth a try?  I don't need guarantees, I would just like to give it a shot if it has any chance of helping him feel more in control of his emotions.


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My teen son has ADHD. People with ADHD have lower levels of dopamine which makes them physically unable to respond to stimuli as quickly as those without ADHD.  ADHD is a physical impairment, not a cognitive or emotional impairment. Computer programs, neurofeedback, therapy, diets, etc. do nothing to change this.  Yes, of course they are a waste of money, and they will also make your son feel like he is once again failing when he doesn't show improvement from an expensive program. Why put him through that?  If he really has ADHD, then the only treatment that really works, and has been used successfully since the 1940's, is the one that addresses the chemistry problem, namely ADD meds like ritalin.