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I am looking for recommendations for an honest, detail-oriented home inspector, ideally with an eye for termites, dry rot, stucco, and plastering. What did the inspection cost you? The other posts look to be 10+ years old.

As background: my partner and I purchased our 1400 sq ft, 2br/1ba home in West Berkeley a little over a year ago and waived contingencies. Since then we've identified some concerns about the house (some we expected for a 100 year old home, some are a little suspicious). Now we want to have a thorough inspection so that we can be clear on the scope of the problems before we begin to address them.

Thank you!

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We used David Venable (Homewise Inspections). He was so very thorough with our house, and he also talked to me on the phone about how to prioritize the problems he saw. I think he was an electrician prior to doing inspections, so he has a lot of expertise in that in particular beyond maybe what other people have. Like a lot of inspectors, he divides things into 'improvements to consider' and 'things that need to be addressed sooner' in the report. I think we paid about $750, but it was a few years ago.

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I have used and recommended Matt Cantor for several clients. He used to write a regular column "About the House" for the Berkeley Daily Planet, so you can search for his columns. Very honest and helpful.