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Hello, My son needs surgery and we may not be able to postpone until summer. He will need to be out of school 4-8 weeks. He is a current sophmore at Berkeley High. I am asking for advice from parents who have had a child go through the home/hospital instruction program at BHS. Maybe I could reach out to you? How much instruction guidance did your child receive? How did they keep up with their electives work since it seems this program is only for core classes? Was the workload manageable? Was the instruction in person or over zoom? Was is well coordinated with their BHS teachers? Did the instruction start promptly? Were there any drawbacks? Thanks!

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My child did HHS and it was fantastic. The program only has up to 5 hours of classroom time weekly with 1 teacher. They assess your student and figure out how much additional time out of class the student can handle. Expectations are based on this. The teacher has control over assessing if the student has met the requirements. In our case my child was able to get many credits in about 2 months time. The courses were all core but it allowed her to catch up and excel. I highly recommend it!