Home-cooked meal delivery in Berkeley

I'd like to hear if folks have recommendations for services that deliver home-cooked meals in Berkeley. In the past we've relied on SpoonRocket (a defunct business) and occasionally on Munchery, but the quality of the food from these places wasn't always great (it feels more like a large-scale catered meal than a real home-cooked meal, if that makes any sense). The last recommendations on BPN date back to 2010, so perhaps there are new businesses that have sprung up since then? We're expecting our second child in September and so one big help will be to not worry too much about cooking. 

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We've been using Jessie & Laurent and have been very happy. Food is tasty, easy to order online, no need to commit/you can skip weeks if you want, never any problems with delivery. It has been a godsend with two full time working parents, a toddler, and a baby. 

Try www.josephine.com, The private network for home cooked meals.

Neighbors cooking for neighbors.

Not sure they deliver, but they are in your neighborhood!
We use it about once per week.

My parents really like the folks at https://www.josephine.com 

Bon Appetite!

I used Kitchen Doula after the birth of my second child. It was definitely pricey but very high quality and delicious. I also highly recommend Three Stone Hearth. I usually pick up from them directly (on university) but I believe there is also a delivery option. We continue to buy meals from them to this day. 

I highly recommend Three Stone Hearth for delicious, sustainably sourced and extremely nutritious food. They don't deliver but you can order online and then do an easy pick up from their kitchen on university ave. i also use GoodEggs.com and they do deliver. They have lots of ready made meals that are easy to heat up, I think you can even put stuff on your registry.