Home birth or hospital birth?

Hi everyone. I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant and am curious about home birth experiences. Im being seen at kaiser walnut creek for prenatal care. I was attracted to the unit because it is run by midwives but I still feel like they are under kaiser's thumb when it comes to making labor recommendations. I wanted a more holistic experience but keeping professionalism and safety in mind. I guess im wondering if anyone knows of an experienced midwife they would recommend or share their experience giving birth at kaiser walnut creek. All opinions are welcome. I'm definitely new to all of this.

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Look into Pacifica family maternity center - near the elmwood neighborhood.  

We had a great experience - and so has the whole cohort of mamas (and partners) I have met over the last year and a half thru prenatal/postpartum visits.  They do an amazing job of bridging the worlds between homebirth and hospital birth.  




I gave birth at Pacifica Family Maternity Center (In Berkeley) because i wanted a home birth type experience, but wanted a little more infrastructure than I would have at home. This was a very happy medium for me. All midwives and a location that felt like a very clean and setup for labor environment, but still homey.i was very happy with the my care there.


I have shared my positive experiences with the midwife team at Kaiser Walnut Creek on BPN before.  I had a fantastic experience and cannot recommend their team highly enough!   They did not force me to do anything I was uncomfortable with - no drugs, and they were clever enough to keep me out of stitches the second time around. They encourage each mom to write a birth plan and, as far as I could tell, they went with it all the way.  Good luck in making your decision.