Home Birth Midwife of Color?

My partner and I are expecting in August and we are currently looking into home birth midwives. We are interested in working with a midwife of color who does home births. Would love to have any recommendations or contacts that might be a good fit. Thanks in advance. 

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Gingi Allen! My wonderful doula who is also a midwife: http://www.theartofmothering.com

Hi - I'm not sure whether Marea identifies as a person of color but I know she is very intentionally focused on an inclusive midwifery practice.  She was the midwife assistant years ago for one of my homebirths and she is truly amazing.  I highly recommend her!  https://www.restoremidwifery.com/gettoknowus.html  

Haven't used her as a midwife, but we took a childbirth class with Gingi Allen in Berkeley. She is a homebirth midwife of color, and can likely help you or steer you in the right direction of someone who is available.

Here's her website:


My wife just gave birth with the expert support from Andrea R. midwife here - http://www.oaklandpartera.com/index.html

She is deeply committed to making homebirth more accessible to POC in the Bay Area. Highly recommended :) 

Congrats and good luck finding the right midwife!