Holy Names High School?

Hello. I am looking for input about Holy Names High School in Oakland.

My daughter is a quiet introvert who loves art of all kinds (painting, knitting, making, sewing, sculpture, building, anything artistic), and is looking for a small school. She has ADHD so we want a school that will work with us, and that doesn’t look too much at test scores. Although she gets all As, standardized tests are not her strength. She also loves soccer, and is interested in environmentalism, conservation and animals.

She is very unique and doesn't fit in to a common "type" (like popular, artsy, etc.), so I don't believe she would do well at a school that is clicky. She needs a nurturing environment where a quiet girl will be respected and noticed.

Thank you!

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You didn’t mention having visited the campus which is the best way to feel a good feel of its vibe. My sister and I graduated from HNH in ‘69 and ‘79, respectively. And my niece graduated in ‘02. I personally loved attending an all girl school where I felt very free to be me as did all of the other extraordinary young women I attended with. The three of us continue to cultivate strong friendships with HNH alumnae. The reunions that keep me coming back to catch up are always joyous occasions. 
I think your daughter would enjoy being part of a predominately nourishing community with other artistic and talented students/staff.
HNH’s enrollment has sadly declined and no longer has 100+ enrollment for each grade. I imagine that translates to more faculty/student engagement thereby preventing that introvert from slipping by unnoticed.

Best of luck to you and your family finding a good fit for your daughter. 

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You posted for advice on both SJND and HNH - both great schools, she'd probably be happy at either - so for a daughter as you described I'd probably lean towards HNH- which is smaller, all girls, and maybe a better fit for her personality. My kids have gone thru Catholic schools and have had friends at both places. Your best bet will be to do all the info sessions and other options they present this fall and decide from there. Good luck!