Holistic Orthodontist/Dentist for cross bite - Moy or Lawson?

Hi BPNers,

I have an 11-year-old who was recommended for ALF due to a crossbite at 9 but we couldn't afford it at that time. We are luckily in better financial standing now and need to find an orthodontist/dentist ASAP who will look at whole health (airways, sleep) in addition to the straightening, which needs significant attention.  Has anyone worked with Mona Moy or Laura Lawson for this? I think ALF is no longer an option, I'm afraid we've missed the window for when things are pliable enough for that, but I'm looking for someone who is conscious about toxicity of products and who will think whole health. 

All recommendations appreciated! 

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HI there. Both my daughters saw Dr. Mona Moy for an ALF and regular dental treatment and we have been very happy with her and with the ALF process. So much healthier, all-around. It is worth calling her office as they are very knowledgeable and helpful. I also have seen Dr. Lawson and her holistic approach to dental care is really compelling. Both great options.