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I'm thinking of sending my 7 year old for a few weeks of Hilltop YMCA day camp.  I've seen great reviews on this site of the Albany and Berkeley YMCA camp.   Wondering if anyone has had experience with the Hilltop branch day camp and what your experience was.

Thanks so much!

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Hi there,

Perfect timing.  As someone familiar with the Berkeley Y, I just sent my granddaughter, 1st grader and age 7, to the Hilltop YMCA camp.  She attended a three day camp over winter break and then this February the President's Week camp.  She really enjoyed the crafts, the counselors, the swimming (optional), and the simple field trip.  

In researching the camp, I spoke with the director Drew who answers the published phone # and all questions.  They group by age, so there are 3 or 4 age groups in separate areas.  They have a nice playground area for outside play. The kids get to swim 2-3 times a week,, depending on the kid's preference.  The Hilltop Y has a nice small camp feel (compared to Oakland or Berkeley) which was good for our 1st grader. She is asking to go back for Spring Break now!

We also will probably do some of the summer camp weeks, but I noticed that outside of Weeks 1 and 10 they are going to be housed in the Making Waves Academy across the street.  So you'd want to check in on that site.

We also are hoping that the low-key, inexpensive May Valley Recreation Center (technically Richmond, but near the El Sobrante line) does their summer camp again this year.  Great experience last summer.

Good luck!