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I am seeing $22-25k for the membership on Craigslist. In 2019, there was a post on BPN saying it’s hard to find membership under $8k. This seems to be a pretty steep price increase. I have been on a waitlist for another club for 3+ years with no end in sight. I am debating whether to purchase Claremont or The Hills. Claremont is much closer and easier to get to but it’s more expensive. If the Hills membership price was 20k or under including the transfer fee, I would do it. But, the asking price seems quite a lot. I am told that you would be able to sell it for profit or at least recoup the cost but at $22-25k, I wonder if I will be able to recoup the cost. The reason I am considering these two places is the ability for kids to use the hot tub and it doesn’t look like you have to make reservation for swimming or if you do, it is not difficult? I would love to hear from families who are former or current members. Also, I emailed Claremont 3 times and no one gets back to me… Thank you!

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In some ways our situation is opposite yours - we live a few minutes from the Hills, and about 10 from the Claremont. We joined the Claremont because the Hills seemed exorbitant given its facilities, and we also enjoy tennis, and the Claremont's programming is better. I couldn't see paying such a high initiation for the Hills and having to bring our own towels and use sub-par facilities, with a difficult parking situation; selling a membership down the road was not enough of a benefit to justify joining. I'm sorry the Claremont hasn't responded - we didn't have that problem. I've seen people show up at the front desk and ask for a tour - since you live close by you could try that, or reach out to me, and I can put you in touch with membership. We appreciate it now even more than when we joined (there was an adjustment period for us, and as with the Hills, the club is not perfect). The staff knows us all by name, the tennis and swim coaching are excellent. I recently had to start using the gym to rehabilitate after a surgery, and the trainer I've used has been wonderful. We toured both (and a couple of other clubs as well) and paid attention to which place most resonated with us. If the difference in monthly fee doesn't affect you too much then perhaps consider where you and your family feel happiest. A reservation is not needed to swim or use the hot tub, but they are finishing up a pool deck renovation, so the main pool and outdoor hot tub won't be available until mid/late May, which might affect your perception of the Club (but the lap pool is available). Once the main pool is open I'm excited to backstroke while looking at the palm trees again (and stars in winter). Even though it's not perfect, we have a lot of gratitude that the Club is a part of our lives.

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For comparison, I sold our Hills membership last year for $17,500, with the buyer paying transfer fees, and I don't think we were the most expensive option out there. So it does seem to keep increasing every year, although I would think it would hit a ceiling at some point. It is a lot to ask for a buy-in given the annual fees you pay on top of it, but I think that's true at all the swim clubs around here.