High School/Tutoring/Homeschool Options in East Bay

 Hello, we are BHS veterans looking for an individualized learning environment for our son to complete high school. He is 19 years old which a cut off age for some schools.  He also has learning differences and is hearing impaired.  He is functioning at about a 9th grade level. The pandemic has impacted placement in private school as there seems to be shortage of teachers to serve students. Fusion and Tilden Academy that do 1:1 tutoring are not able to accept him.  Any other options in the East Bay? Is there a space where students whoa re not at grade level can work 1:1 or in small groups and do high school courses?  I've now bought the Keystone Private school curriculum and having him tutored at home.  It's a bit lonely.  If there are any homeschooling parents, I'd love to learn more about meet ups  and other opportunities especially around themes like science in the East Bay.   Thank you!

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Have you tried Connecting Waters Charter East Bay? My son is 8 and goes to their resource center once a week for in person classes. I see many high school age kids there and in looking at in person class availability many are geared towards high school age. Not sure of the age limit, but since they’re a public charter school they accept iep’s if your son has one.