High School Online/Homeschool options

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One surprise of online learning is my child really enjoys it! As we head into high school next year I wanted to explore options for high school. Ideally, looking for a program that combines synchronous and asynchronous learning so there is weekly, if not daily accountability. Suggestions on how to even go about searching for this type of learning experience? Open to a program that would require tuition if needed.

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If you live in Berkeley, Berkeley High Independent Study is the best! Hour-long 1x a week private or small seminar session with your teachers, then working on your own the rest of the week. 4 classes per quarter, instead of 6 classes per semester. You get to manage your own time and your own learning. You can take 2 classes on the main campus; they must be things which are not offered at IS. (Music, art, lab science, e.g.)