High School Advice for Quirky Kiddos

We are starting to look for high schools and I'm hoping to get some BPN advice!  Our kiddo is very smart and quick, but doesn't love academics -  still she is at the top of her class in middle school.  She's sensitive, dramatic, and gets very overstimulated /overwhelmed in crowds so very large schools like Berkeley High are not an option.  She is a theater kid and identifies as LGBTQIA & gender fluid. We're looking for high school options and we're fortunate to be able to do private or public; and are willing to drive/carpool for the right fit.  So far we haven't found it - I'd love input on school recommendations!  Especially from parents of LGBTQIA kids who have been happy with their high schools!  Thanks!!

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Our transgender teen transferred to Maybeck from a public East Bay HS and loved this experienced. Lots of affirming, smart and sensitive and other LBGTQ kids and teachers.  Our kid was flooded in a large school so the smaller class sizes and thoughtfulness were a great fit 

Oakland School for the Arts! I think you’d be hard pressed to find a school more welcoming of sensitive, artsy kids. It’s also a small(ish), arts-integrated school with lots of opportunities for cross-grade friendships. My daughter was very nervous about high school, but she loves it. We’ve also been happy with both her academic and arts teachers. Good luck! 

Our quirky-rainbow-theater teen is thriving at San Domenico in San Anselmo.  The school runs a free bus from Richmond for East bay kids

Our Queer-identified and quirky kid had a great experience at The Urban School in San Francisco. As parents, we were impressed with how well teachers really knew our kid. They graduated several years ago now, but still have regular conversations with one of their former teachers, who has been an important mentor to them.

a school that attracts a similar student body is Lick Wilmerding. You might take a look there as well.

SF Mom

I just said the same thing to a different parent with different but I think it applies to you too:   I hope you’ll also look into Holden High in Orinda.  My daughter went to school there and it was a wonderful environment for her.  Your daughter’s issues are different, but all students there get a huge amount of individual attention from a deeply caring staff, and benefit from the work they put into making the school a safe, welcoming place for all the kids.

Our 2e non-binary child just started at Orinda Academy, and we are all very happy with it. They made a close friend at the orientation and now have several friends. They tell us that all of the children and teachers at the school are nice. We've been impressed with the staff, including the counselor and learning specialist, who jumped in

to help when our child briefly had a problem. We are also very pleased with the academics and small class size. You should definitely consider OA. I'd be happy to talk off list.

+1 for Orinda Academy for a 2e queer kiddo. It is a lovely supportive environment. Teachers and staff are amazing - many of them are teaching there precisely because they did not fit into their schools as kids and want to make the world better for kids like them. <3 OA! 

Orinda Academy! Great for bright ADHD kids because the classes are tiny, so the kids are much more engaged. They also provide a lot of support. It’s a very small school, which helps make school days a lot less overwhelming for my teen. Very accepting environment for lgbtqia kids.