High Fire Zone Neighborhoods in Pleasanton?

We’re considering moving to Pleasanton this year but are concerned about the potential fire danger in the area. Does anyone have insight on which areas of Pleasanton have the highest fire danger? Or, info on the areas that were evacuated - or had evacuation warnings - during the recent SCU (Santa Clara) Lightning Complex fires?

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City of Pleasanton has never been evacuated.  It's the rural unincorporated wooded are south of Interstate 580 and east of Highway 84 that's the highest danger.  But even then I would not worry I can't remember there ever being time when any part of Pleasanton had any large scale fires like we have seen.  Places such as Santa Cruz mountains, Oakland/Berkeley Hills, Lake Berryessa, etc. have always had large fires every 10 - 30 years. The lightning storm we saw this year has never happened before..

Pleasanton is very nice and I would not worry about fires or evacuations. It would be on my list of places to live if it were not for the summer heat.  Pleasanton can get very hot in the late summer.