my 16 yr old stepdaughter is fullll of hickeys- all over her neck chest and boobs too! I find it very distasteful but then again when I was young we would never show off a hickey if we got one. I asked her about them and she said it was to show everyone that she is “taken.” (Her beau has them too) Is this just the new thing? Are attitudes much looser these days in regard to these?  She is about to go job hunting and I wonder if the potential employers will care? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. My own children are grown now and they never had hickeys that I could see! 

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Ugh! Yes, I’ve definitely seen this and they wear them like badges or honor. When my son was a HS senior son he and his girlfriend often had hickeys in visible places. I asked why they do it where everyone can see and they say it’s basically so others can see they’re taken. So distasteful in my opinion. And yeah, when I was that age you did not want a hickey where your parents would see! For a job interview she should definitely wear cover-up or stop getting hickeys on her neck before an interview