Helping house cleaner get insurance

Our house cleaner comes 1x a week, and she recently told me she stopped paying for her health insurance because it was too expensive. When we hired her, she said she was an independent contractor and handled her own tax and insurance things. I'm concerned about her, and I don't want her to be uninsured. I don't know the other people she works for, so I don't have a way to do something collectively. Obviously we can increase her pay/week to help her out. Just wondering if there are other organizations that help with this. In SF, when we lived there 8 years ago, I knew about La Colectiva, but I'm not sure if there's something similar in the East Bay. 


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Love that you're thinking about this and concerned. Here are some resources I have used:

Alia Insurance:

Paying her more is the most direct way to help her afford health care coverage. You could also point her to, it is a platform that allows domestic work clients to contribute to benefits. Also check out about how to be a good employer.