Help with teen posture

My very tall son, 6 feet at age 13, has developed really poor posture during the pandemic. It probably wasn’t great to start with but between slumping while using his iPad for school or while holding his phone, it’s gotten much worse. His neck juts forward and his back is very rounded when bending over. I brought it up to his pediatrician but she didn’t really seem too concerned and I didn’t want to press the issue in front of him. Has anyone used a chiropractor or physical therapy to help address this problem? He’s going to be much taller and I don’t want this to get worse than it already is.

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We have the same issue, tall and postural kyphosis. You can see an orthopedic doctor to discuss if xrays are needed as sometimes it's not just postural. My son goes to pacific pt in emeryville. It is something that can be worked on it PT but it does require doing daily exercises at home, which we find very challenging with our 14 year old son. I'm also hoping to have an occupational therapist work with him at home on desk ergonimics. 

RE: Help with teen posture ()

Your son might need physical therapy. My son is 27 and 6'7" and has been tall his whole life. Last year, threw his back out trying to correct his poor posture on his own, and the doctor said he needed more help than just learning to stand upright. His upper and mid back were locked up in a stooped posture. The PT has helped immensely. I wish I had taken my son to an orthopedist when he was younger, instead of just encouraging him to stand up straight or take screen breaks. Good luck!