help getting ready for retirement and writing our wills

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I'm hoping to get our financial and legal plans in order. We could use guidance in two areas. My husband is thinking of retiring. He's had a career in public education has a pension with CalSTRS and some years with the UC system. These two systems talk to each other but I'm not sure exactly how things work. I'd like to find a fee-based financial advisor that could help us plan for retirement, especially someone that knows about these retirement plans.

I also want to update our wills and see about making a trust. Awhile ago someone posted here about a one day class on these topics offered in Berkeley, possibly through Berkeley Extension or another school. I've searched in past posts and through the offerings at Berkeley Extension but can't find anything to jog my memory. Does this sound familiar to anyone?  

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It's very likely that one of your spouse's two retirement systems offers free seminars for various life stages, including "contemplating retirement". (Calpers does, for instance)

Nolo Press has an excellent book on Estate Planning which I recommend as a first step to help you gather your thoughts before speaking with an attorney. I would recommend pursuing these two free options (well, if you get the book from the library!) before deciding if you need to consult a financial advisor. (If you decide on a trust, you will need to pay an attorney.)


 I’ve been in your shoes and cannot stress enough how satisfying it is to have all the concerns you listed in order. I cannot recommend my financial advisers enough. They are an extraordinary team who are very sensitive to their clients needs. They recommended the Trust attorney that was such a breeze to work with! 
Kelly Kilkenny, Esq., kkilkenny [at], (925) 934-6102; ext. 5269

Nicole Badovinac, Cetera Investment Services, nicole.badovinac [at], (760) 920-8251  

Nicole’s partner is Joe Corner, joseph.corner [at], (831) 233-4053  
I highly recommend these folks, they’re extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and responsive.

Best wishes for a good outcome.