Help for Depressed College Student Friend

My friend has had worsening depression for a number of years and has been unable to stay in the college classes that he attempts, largely due to anxiety issues. He has been undergoing treatment at Kaiser, but I am wondering if there are resources available (educational psychologists? life coaches?) in the Walnut Creek area to help him specifically with being able to resume his coursework successfully. He also has manageable ADD and is LGBTQ. 

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I suggest you contact NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) division in Contra Costa and see what kind of support they can offer targeted to his needs.  (925) 465-3864.  They have services for both the mentally ill and family members.  Perhaps they have a support group appropriate to your friend (who is apparently not delusional, but in severe distress that interferes with daily functioning). Because your friend is anxious and depressed, this will be a very hard call for him.  See if you can find a name of someone who he can speak with on the phone or in person who is easy to talk with.

Also, the right medication can make all the difference.  If your friend isn't getting relief from his current medications, encourage him to push for new meds, or even a new psychiatrist.  If that is hard for him, you can offer to advocate for him.

A meditation class or meditation app may help; there are meditations specifically for anxiety and depression.  Belleruth Naperstek has some good CDs.  Just deep breathing will help.  Exercise probably will as well.

Finally, just do your best to stay in touch.  Leave a message, send a funny video, go out to a movie or for coffee.  Keep it light.  You don't have to talk about his problems, it might not be even be helpful. You can't fix his feelings. But knowing that you care will help him get through it.