Help with ACL tear pain

Hey everyone,

My husband tore his ACL and had surgery in 2018. He's having acute knee pain, a common occurrence for folks with his history. Kaiser only recommended foam rolling. Anyone have experience with this, or recommendations? Therapies or practitioners?

Thanks so much in advance!

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NMR or neuromuscular release is helpful because it  identifies muscles we stopped using and retrain muscles that over compensate. I have been having difficulty with my acl repaired knee and began working with Kendal Au who does a combo of nmr/Pilates/massage (she is trained in all three) and over time we have been able to up the amount of Pilates we do per session and I can descend stairs pain free for the first time in years. I can also recommend Heal Pilates as owner Ayanna Makalani began her pilates journey when she began to rehab her knee. Kendal can be reached at and Heal at

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I am sorry that your husband is still suffering from the ACL. Has he tried acupuncture? Community acupuncture is usually much more affordable than a private session. Kaiser offers some acupuncture for chronic pain; however, a private acupuncturist might also be knowledgeable with herbs. I believe acu has been one of the components that has helped with my ACL recovery. I have also seen MSM / glucosamine recommended online, but can't attest to its efficacy. 

I had a complete ACL tear this past Feb, and reconstruction in April, so I am six-months post-surgery. Doing physical therapy has been a key component of recovery, and is recommended until the surgical leg is almost as strong as the non-surgical. The PT does recommend the foam roller some weeks for breaking up scar tissue and muscle tension, but it's one small aspect of PT. Did your husband do the complete PT program? In my case (but shorter for many other patients) PT will likely last a year; the goal is to keep building the muscles of the leg so that the surgical knee doesn't have to bear as much pressure, and thereby be overly strained. Could your husband have a consult with one of the surgeons for an expert opinion (Dr. Cummins was mine, and I've been happy with him), and get a referral back for ACL PT? Incidentally, just yesterday I read a blog of a woman who also had ACL surgery in 2018, but didn't do anywhere near enough PT. She suffered pain for years, but wrote that she decided to start PT over with a great therapist, and already feels significantly better. So maybe actively doing a lot of PT will help, even 4 years out? Perhaps push for the surgeon appointment and for the PT referral, if the first recommendation was only for the foam roller. I have felt that the Kaiser ACL class has been excellent; my PT is very attentive, and Dr. Cummins has responded whenever I have questions or doubts about the process (which I did more in the beginning).  

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I had three arthroscopic knee surgeries and also suffer from painful knee arthritis. While seeing a back pain MD I was referred to acupuncture and have been going consistently every two weeks which helps my back, knees and much more.

Another product I recently discovered and have been using is a cannabis infused cream that actually has been providing pain relief, it's called Comfort+ Extra Strength I purchase it at 7Stars Holistic Health Center on Pierce Street in Richmond and they give senior discounts. Even if you're not a senior they tend to have the best prices for all of their products.