Health examination for school entry in 5th grade

My daughter is starting 5th grade in a Berkeley public school, and she needs to have a report of health examination here. We have just arrived from France and hence have a french health insurance policy (not sure whether they will reimburse for a health examination here, as this is not an emergency situation). The school gave the number of City of Berkeley Public Health services but no-one is on the phone to answer so I could get an appointment with a physician..Do you recommend physicians that would do this examination for my daughter at a reasonable price?

Thank you

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Try Life Long Médical.  I think they take most insurance , and are in the business of serving people who don’t have insurance.  Plus their doctors are amazing. 

You can simply ask any physician's office for the private pay fee for the exam. There may also be a fee for completing the school forms. In our clinic (not the specialty you need) we have a private pay fee schedule and offer a cash discount. Lifelong clinics are accustomed to working with folks in different financial situations and, although they keep very busy and it'll be a challenge to get an appointment, they are good folks and your daughter will get good care. Keep this situation in mind, though, if you don't have insurance coverage for routine care while your daughter is in school here, you should have a plan for things like seeing a doctor for flu, vaccines, etc.