Healing a facial scratch

My kitten accidently scratched my grandson on his cheek with his back toe nail while running across the room.It has been almost three months and a bumpy scar is still there.My grandson was eleven months old when this happened and we are all so upset.Has anyone experienced a slow healing scar and did you find anything that helped?We have been using sun screen every time we take him out.Mederma is recommended for older children.

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I'm a veterinarian, so I can't offer you specific medical advice, but I can tell you that cats carry bacteria that can enter your skin through a scratch. Some people do not clear the bacteria (https://www.cdc.gov/bartonella/index.html) and develop an infection. I recommend that you consider taking him to his pediatrician and have them determine if treatment is warranted. 

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Kitten and cat scratches can expose you to potentially harmful bacteria - if you haven't already I would definitely consult a doctor- babies that age heal in days, a scar that is there after 3 months is WAY to long and something is going on....good luck!

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Hi, a plastic surgeon recommended a silicon bandage like Scaraway for my son’s scar. The silicon bandage can be reused over and over, and a large bandage can be cut to smaller size. It can be worn at night or just part of the day. Works best in the first year after the scar. Also, the scar may look very pink right now, but that should reduce with time. Protect the scar from the sun with hats and sunscreen. Best to your little one.