Headhunter to help an engineer?

Hi folks,

My talented mechanical engineer husband is looking for work.  Despite applying for many positions, he hasn't gotten so much as a nibble.

We are clearly doing something wrong on his resume, as he is highly qualified and has great experience.  I think we need someone who works with engineers to help him with his resume and interview skills.  Actually he really needs someone who can help him with his job search!

Any and all leads very much welcome!

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Have you tried the public sector?


As a longtime project manager and instructor who runs a job search group, I can tell you that your husband's experience in his mid-career job search is common. The job market has changed greatly - his applications are probably being screened out by ATS (automated tracking systems) because he lacks current buzz words. Also, for people in technical fields, what employers are looking for has changed a great deal and experienced people are finding that they have to change how they present themselves and may even need to get additional training or certifications to get hired. He should leverage his professional network to find out who is hiring for his skills and what they are looking for. He should build and use a LinkedIn profile.  Here are some great free resources: JVS.org - a nonprofit career center, the SF Public Library - has workshops and a career librarian and the government has "One Stop Career Centers" for job seekers: https://www.careeronestop.org/LocalHelp/local-help.aspx

I would advise against looking for a headhunter/recruiter, as they work for hiring companies, and aren't on the side of job seekers. Your husband should look to get advise and support from a career counselor to figure out his next steps.  I will keep my contact info public in case your husband or another BPNer wants to join my job search group (it's free - I volunteer my time).

Finally, just to say you are a wonderful spouse to support your husband. I know that the job search is really tough and demoralizing, and it's great he has you as a supporter.