Have you enrolled in orckids?

i recently toured orckids and loved it. has anyone here enrolled?

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RE: Have you enrolled in orckids? ()

I recently toured orckids and also loved it.  We are seriously considering enrolling.  The last time I checked (which was a few weeks ago), they only had about four enrolled kids.  I am taking my daughter to observe the classroom tomorrow, so I will provide an update on that if I can!

RE: Have you enrolled in orckids? ()

Yes, we did – and I highly recommend it! I also toured the preschool and loved it. I was impressed by the love and care that the owners had put into it -- the beautiful site, the new materials, the all-natural aesthetic. Although the school is brand new (so no reviews), the owners bring lots of experience running a separate, highly rated daycare. I spoke with Mahta (the founder) at length and felt reassured about Orckids and excited about the plans that she laid out. The preschool officially opened in July, and so far the experience has been great. The teachers are kind, caring and responsive to the kids. Their activities include fun things like nature walks, field trips, and weekly yoga. My kid has been really happy and is thriving. They are still building enrollment, and I suspect that once the word gets out, spaces will fill quickly. Having visited multiple preschools in the area, I firmly believe that it's exceptional among them.