Combination sound AND visual therapy for dyslexia?

We are looking for anyone who has done a therapy similar to the Tomatis Sound Therapy but also involves a visual element instead of sound only. We saw this idea once and are having a hard time finding it again. To be clear, Tomatoes is sound we are looking for one that is a combination of sound and visual. 

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We worked with Dr. Swain when she had a center in Walnut Creek. (She is based in Santa Rosa but I believe they send units to homes now).

While listening to the tomatis kids would also be using building blocks or doing puzzles. Several blocks did help.  That was for the auditory processing.  For us in hindsight I wish we had had our child do as much speech as we had done Tomatis.  

It sounds like you are looking for a combination of auditory processing and visual processing.  Im sorry I don't have a rec for that.