Has anybody had experience with RMA of northern CA?

Hi! I am starting a search for a fertility clinic. I’ve seen some good reviews of Spring in Oakland. On Yelp there are great reviews of RMA (Reproductive Medicine Associates) in SF— and I was wondering if anyone here had heard of them or had any experiences, good or bad, with them. Thanks!! 

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Hi there! I couldn't recommend them more highly! I had a superb experience with them after working with UCSF & Spring. Dr.Morin is incredible (though all 3 doctors are wonderful). I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant and chalk it up entirely to the care I received from them. Their office is super easy to get to from the east bay, scheduling is top notch/efficient and the doctors are reachable 24/7 (I messaged a handful of times after hours and got responses back within 20 minutes). I actually had a situation where I accidentally bought the wrong meds and Dr.Morin drove to the east bay and met me on a Saturday to hand deliver extra meds to me--I can't imagine many doctors would go that extra mile in that way. I've been so sad to "graduate" RMA--it was the best medical experience I've had. 11/10 highly recommend! 

I know people who have had good and bad experiences at both places. Check out fertility IQ website for more reviews. But proximity to where you live is also super important since you may have lots of appts. Check out resources from RESOLVE too

Hi u/Jandk - we used RMA a few years ago to do an embryo retrieval and just earlier this year we did the embryo transfer. We loved working with Dr. Morin (primary for us), Dr. Kurt and Dr. Kaeser (?). The staff and nurses are smart, amazing, thoughtful and very personable. We can't recommend them enough as a business. Even more with the successes we had in getting pregnant with our baby girl. Oh, their communications is on-point, they operate really well. 


We went to RMA for fertility help and can’t recommend them enough. The providers and staff there are wonderful and very patient centered, their treatments are evidence based. We have an almost one year old and looking forward to actually seeing the doctors there when it’s time for the second kid!


I do not know any here however I do know one of the best IVF doctors in the US. He’s is in New York City but will guide you from there.

let me know if you need his contact 



My wife and so went through Spring in SF, but also have had some elements on my care through the Oakland office. I wholeheartedly recommend them. I also have known now another 4 close friends or coworkers who have gone through the Oakland office. 

My main suggestion is to do a consult with your top two (or three) clinics before making a decision. 

Best of luck! My only regret with my conception journey is that we didn’t move to IVF sooner. I know it can be such an emotional roller coaster that will take you to IVF, but once we made the decision to move forward, it was much smoother sailing! 
Good luck!

Hi! I wanted to respond to your message and share my experience with RMA--In short, I HIGHLY recommend them! We went with them for IVF and did a round with egg retrieval and one transfer. We just had our little girl in March after recurrent miscarriage and years of trying. Dr. Kort was our main doctor and he was AMAZING. He is really kind, compassionate, positive, and encouraging. They set you up with an app and you can ask questions anytime during the process and they get back to you right away (and it's usually one of the doctor's that responds!). I can't say enough good things about them. Their whole process is totally streamlined and we felt so supported and attended to. I had uterine scarring and they also did two hysteroscopy surgeries before our transfer. They are totally thorough and in my experience they gave us really thoughtful recommendations before we ultimately decided to do IVF. When I "graduated" after getting pregnant I was so happy to not need fertility services any more but also so sad to leave the care at RMA! It was honestly the best experience with the medical system I've ever had. 

Wishing you all the very best!