Handyman/Contractor for modest project

I'm looking for someone who can help us with some projects that are part of a modest kitchen update. Specifically I'm looking for someone to remove tile flooring and replace with hardwood, remove hanging cabinets and patch and paint the walls/ceilings and someone to remove and replace a cooktop vent hood. Have you worked with anyone that you would recommend to take on these types of modest projects?

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I can recommend Erick Chavez from Innovative Construction. He is local, his work high quality and his prices accessible. He is licensed as well, which is a plus!!  510-289-5516, email: archdrafter [at] gmail.com

He recently remodeled my home. I can share pictures if desired.

Best of luck. 


I recommend Construction Remedy. (510) 637-8973  They are a local company with really nice licensed contracters.  Great rates and beautiful results. They also give free estimates!

I highly recommend them. They did an amazing job on a remodel in my home.