Handyman to Build Compact Play Structure


Does anyone have recommendations for a handyman who can build a compact play structure in our backyard?  I have a design (small tower with a swing) in mind but am hoping to hire someone to build (no one in my family is at all handy).  I would really appreciate any recommendations if anyone has worked with anyone for this purpose in the past!

Thanks, Claire

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Good luck finding someone with the skills.  And have you looked at the cost for material?  Prices are double to quadruple what they were just over a year ago.  Why don’t you build it yourself?  Berkeley has a tool lending library with all of the tools you’ll need. 

I can't help with a handyman, but we installed this space saver swing set in our yard a few years ago. https://gorillaplaysets.com/five-star-ii-space-saver-swing-set/  As our yard is so tiny, we didn't use the slide (it didn't fit), and instead of a sandbox at the bottom, bought some extra cedar from the store to make a floor on the bottom, giving the kids two play areas. They put their tiny table and chair set on the bottom deck and play restaurant all the time.

As this was our first project of this kind, it took my husband and I four weekends to assemble it by ourselves! I think the directions say 2-3 days, as you have to let the concrete around the pillars dry. It's super sturdy and even I can hang out in the upper club house with the kids. We also purchased some other things to hang off the swing hooks (like spinners) to change the fun.

I have other friends that have the larger Gorilla sets, and all are high quality.

We searched high and low and learned that most reputable people did not want to design and build a play structure due liability. As part of a larger landscaping job, some designers will incorporate a play scape and I have seen beautiful play structures. Unlicensed people were willing to build but not many would be able to design to ensure safety and structural integrity. Most handyman/landscapers are willing to assemble a kit that is sold commercially (e.g. Gorilla brand). What we ended up doing is to find a design from Pinterest (not just a picture but with measurements, blueprint, instructions on recommended materials) and build it ourselves with the help of a handy relative whom we flew in from out of state. Our friend worked with a handyman and used different parts of the commercial play structure in separate areas of the yard. Swing in one part and tower in another part and the slide on the sloped part. Climbing wall on the side of their shed.  What your mind’s eye can see cannot easily translate into a detailed instruction for the handyman. A detailed design is critical. (We learned it the hard way after 2 failed attempts that cost $$$ and kept producing results that were far from my vision.)