Handy person for North Berkeley


we are new to north Berkeley and are looking for a handy person to help us with a number of projects. We appreciate our neighbor's recommendations!

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I use a service, Honeyhomes, that I absolutely love.  Truly, I cannot stop talking about it.  You pay a monthly fee and not only does a wonderful handyman, David, come to your home regularly (usually 2x month for a total of 4 hours), but a central office coordinates all the parts, tracks the progress of each project, and even coordinates other tasks that are beyond a handyman.  For example, during one of our atmospheric river days, one of my windows sprung a leak and they had a contractor to me to fix it within two hours.  Everything goes on one to do list in an app (with pictures, notes on parts and progress, etc) which is a huge weight off my mental load. 

Link below for a free walk through, which is what convinced me to sign up.  I have not regretted it!


We use Honey Homes — it’s a local company that employees handymen full time. There is one handyman for each neighborhood so you have the same one each time and the handymen don’t have to drive all over for appointments.

You can pay monthly or yearly (which gets you a discount) and you get (2) 2-hour appointments each month. Appointments are booked via their app. The idea is you can’t use them for a big remodel, but to knock items off your to-do list. Our awesome handyman has re-hung doors, patched water damage, hung light fixtures, fixed toilets, etc. You can keep a list of tasks in the app and then just add them to the appointment so the handyman knows what to tackle that day. They also provide extra services, like a furnace check up before winter, cardboard box break-down, ewaste pickups, and the like. Some other services are optional for additional cost (but discounted from what they would be if you booked them separately), like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, holiday light hanging, etc. 

We have been so happy with the service and our handyman in particular.  He seems happy to be a full-time employee with vacation/benefits, etc. and to not have to do any billing or collect money from clients.  Check it out! 

For everything from light electrical and plumbing to carpentry, landscaping, concrete work, and beyond, I highly recommend our longtime handyman Santos. My family and friends have been hiring Santos for all manner of projects (plumbing repairs, kitchen renovations, retaining walls, decks, ADU's, etc) for 13 years now.  He's a sweet, extremely hardworking guy who pays attention to the details.  Feel free to contact him at: (510) 586-5729‬. Tell him Jordan sent you.