Hairdresser for 5 yo in the Bay Area- MIXED curly hair

Hi, Looking for someone who is skilled with mixed curly hair. So far I have found nobody and I am in shock there is not a specialized salon for mixed kids hair. Anybody?

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What exactly are you looking to have done? Hair cut? General or regular maintenance? Hair care instruction?  A style for a special occasion? You might try a salon that caters primarily to black clients and specifically children. The hair of people of African descent runs the gamut of textures, from straight to wavy to curly, coily and kinky. Any reputable salon should be able to meet your needs.  A word of warning: run, don't walk away from anyone who suggests any sort of chemical processing. A good hairdresser will teach their client how to properly take care of and embrace its natural texture. The focus should be on how to keep the hair hydrated and healthy.


While she does not specifically do children and is expensive, we love Alicia at Sole Salon.  My son is very sensitive and she was great working with him on his mid back length hair and a great hair cut when he was ready to get rid of it.  I found the expense to be worth his hair looking nice and him not being in tears.  We also used and loved the Aveda Be Curly products on his long hair.

Hi there,

While I am not sure that they will book appts for kids, I do know Strut on Piedmont Ave in Oakland is run by 2 women who work with curly hair. I have had my wavy/curly hair cut there before. I know one of them is a certified Deva Curl stylist. They were recommended to me by a former colleague who had the most beautiful curly hair. Hope this helps!

My daughter is not mixed but has curly spongy hair. She gets her hair done by Tisha at Betty's hair connection in Richmond. I am very particular and Tisha keeps my daughters hair healthy. My daughter is 4.

My daughter, who now lives in Orinda, takes her 5-year old son to Snips on College Ave in Rockridge. She's been taking him there since his first hair cut  and the woman he sees consistently does a great job on his thick, mixed curly and wavy hair.  My daughter has tried other places nearer to Orinda with disappointing results, so she takes him to Oakland.  The kid-friendly atmosphere is good, too. My grandson was a cautious toddler and the hairdresser easily put him at ease from day one.