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The recommendations in the archives are a bit dated. I’m looking for an acoustic guitar teacher for a 14 year old. He’s had some lessons before, but they ended with SiP and the teacher wasn’t a great fit. Ideally I think a youngish guy would be optimal. I’m open to Zoom lessons but maybe outdoor ones would be better. I can’t pay more than $50/hr. We live near Montclair. Thanks!

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We’ve worked with Rory Matthews and he’s been awesome. He also has a band and is about to release his first album and he also lives in Montclair. 

Rory Matthews 

rory [at] 


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We love our guitar teacher.  Raphi Gottesman.  He lives and has a guitar studio in the Laurel.  reach him at 614-581-1719 gottesmanraphi [at]

He is patient and warm.

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Ben Zadan is excellent, extremely patient, versatile and a nice guy. When my kid went off to college last year, I started taking lessons from him myself! benzadan [at]

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Lisa Zeiler (lisazeilermusic [at] is a dream. She is both an amazing person and a fantastic guitar teacher. Highly recommend!

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Lisa Zeiler is an amazing guitar teacher. She worked with my son from 4th grade through high school!