Guitar teacher for 14 year old teenager

Hi, looking for a great guitar teacher, maybe someone who could come to the home ( north Berkeley)  for 14 year old daughter with no previous experience. Would love someone who is great with teens and ok teaching contemporary music.

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Hi there,

I suggest that you look up teachers in your area from the Music Teacher’s Association website www. 

The teachers in this association must have at least a Bachelor Degree in music. There’s a Find a Teacher link, and you can choose guitar and type in your zip code. Some of them travel to student homes while others have studios. 

I recommend meeting a few teachers and see who your child feels comfortable with. Most teachers will have a free first lesson (meet and greet). Good luck! 

I agree with the previous post about making sure the teacher is a good personality fit, especially for the teen years. As a music teacher myself, I never take for granted the trusting relationship that develops in the studio. It is hard to hide our personalities during lessons because we just get so darn excited by music which is why we get into teaching in the first place, so you can typically learn a teachers style pretty quickly. If you find that your daughter also is able to let show a little of her personality in the first lesson it is a good sign, although I have had many shy teens open up about about a month of lessons to become the chattiest, bravest ones. They can be wild cards! You know your teen best.

Good luck on the search and happy music making!